Turn Off Sensor on Porch Lights

Oct 5th

Porch Lights – Homeowners often complain that an outdoor light motion sensor is too sensitive; some even claim that a strong wind sets the light on. Fortunately, the luminaire manufacturer made it easy to turn off or adjust outdoor light motion activation. Learn to find and use your outdoor light motion sensor and adjust the fixture to suit your needs.


Outdoor lighting often requires creative cable solutions to deliver power to locations far from existing luminaires or sockets. However, existing indoor electrical circuits provide an easily accessible power source for most outdoor lights. Use a ladder or ladder to access some Porch Lights that are out of reach. Look for the light motion sensor switch. It is located on the underside of the light fastening sensor.

Turn off the main power supply to the light you are working with. Attach a pair of slip-joint pliers to the motion sensor is the lock nut located on the back of the cylindrical shaft which connects the sensor fastener to the light body. Grasp, twist and loosen nut with pliers. Remove the nut and motion sensor from the Porch Lights body. Loosen wire nuts that connect the motion sensor to outdoor luminaire. Remove the threads from the fixture. Seal the gap by removing the sensor with an electrical plug or lid.

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