Simple and Nice Stone Patio Ideas

Apr 10th

Patio ideas – The addition of a simple stone patio to your backyard could increase the value and curb the appeal of your home, but it all depends on the location. Create a patio using a variety of stones, including slate and limestone. For a well-groomed look, place the stones flush against each other, or leave spaces between the stones if you are expecting a wild, more natural look.

Whether you are using asymmetric stones or stone blocks or rectangles, add some detail to your stone patio ideas by creating a pattern. Use simple rectangles to create a similar mosaic design or try a typical brick pattern, such as the basket weave, for a more formal look. If you are using asymmetrical stone pieces, create a fan or circular shape of the stone in a square yard, or use different colored stones to form an unusual design all your own. And if a whole patio pattern seems too complex, use a different colored stone to add a border around the edge of your patio.

If you have bought simple stones but wish to have some detail, add a bit of shape to your patio ideas by going around. You can use any type of stone to create a round patio, but make the outline of your patio in the first place. Then fill the space with the rest of your stones. If a circular patio is not for you, create a different shape, such as a triangle or star. For a softer look, add curves to the edge of your patio ideas space.

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