Porch Posts Your Log Home

Oct 6th

Porch Posts – While log home owners enjoy living in the warmth and beauty of logs, many also enjoy outdoor life which is the reason why large numbers of wooden houses are designed and built to accommodate the deck and porch. Equally important is to pay attention to the same attention and attention that you give to your logs to keep your deck and porch.

Porch Posts is particularly vulnerable during long winter months, weathering due to rainwater collection, direct sunlight, and large amounts of traffic. Annual or seasonal inspections may have to be done to help keep care to a minimum and avoid costly repairs. When performing your deck inspection, walk around looking for clear signs of peeling stains, blistering or weathering. Look for green areas that are a sign of algae.

Algae by itself are harmless to wood cells but are a sign of excessive moisture that can eventually cause decay. The black area is a sign of moss that is especially noticeable when the deck is wet. This area can be cleaned with a percarbonate bleach followed by a mild light washing. Many log homes have a porch where the roof is supported by a pole. These bases are often hidden beneath deck floors and are in ground contact that keeps them wet and vulnerable to insects. When decay is formed, this post is shortened with the weight of the roof and the deck above. That’s the article about Porch Posts.

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