Patio Rugs Decorating Ideas

Oct 5th

Patio Rugs – Exterior cladding is different from the interior cladding. In the fact that it is water resistant and has no filler under the surface of the carpet. This is done to prevent the mold growth coating. Outdoor rugs are used in a variety of applications, such as golf, patios, boats, porches, swimming areas and any other place where you need a non-slip surface.

Green is one of the most popular colors for outdoor patio rugs. This is due to the use of AstroTurf and other synthetic turf carpets. Green outdoor carpet flows with the colors of natural grass and is often seen in patios and garages inside. Green carpet comes in various shades and different textures, ranging from dark green, very low in the pile of bright green leaves with the lint of height. The green carpet is somewhat dated looking, and may not be suitable for all modern applications.

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Another color scheme of the outdoor patio rugs is the multicolored carpet. This can be either several different colors of the carpet sprinkled together in a random pattern, or it can include carpets with intentional designs similar to that of a pattern seen on a large rug. Some of the colors seen in multicolored outdoor carpets include brown, black, gray, brown, green and sometimes blue.

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