Most Widespread Idea about Porch Bench

Oct 6th

Wherever there is a garden, there must be porch bench. Whether public or private, a garden is not yet until you have your bank. Of the type that is. They can be of the most traditional made of wood, they can also be with structural and ornamental forms of forge, even of rustic stone or of stones as noble as marble. They can be of different sizes, although the most widespread idea about a bank is that at least one couple must be able to sit down.

Porch bench in the front garden of a large house are a symbol of manor, and also welcome the approach. Here we see banks made of a type of plastic called HDPE (poly-wood). Its appearance is of the most traditional, but with the advantage of its resistance to the in clemencies of the weather and to the fungi and parasites that attack the wood. In addition to being dyed en masse, it is not necessary to periodically re-paint.

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In general terms we think of porch bench as fixed elements, for which we have already selected their most appropriate location, in the shade of a tree, near the house or inside a pergola. However, we also have the option of having a mobile bank like the one in the photo. It has all the charm of the rustic but has large wheels to transport it to the best place to shelter from the sun or bring it to a table where we are having a snack.

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