Installing Patio Lights

Oct 4th

Patio Lights can earn many features, but basically, outdoor lights allow us to see in the dark. Several options are available for each type of outdoor light ready for purchase, but the styles available do not fit all, and finished lamps can be expensive. You can save money, meet your specific needs and express your taste by making your own outdoor light.


Evaluate the lighting needs

Determine the Patio Lights function. Is the lamp meant to lighten stairs for safety? Illuminate landscape architecture? Decorate the patio? Are you easily light enough to read or just enough to see dangers? Consider the reach of the light you put outdoors; you do not want your neighbors to complain about an excessively bright spotlight on their bedroom windows. Select your luminaire based on the wattle you need. Will you have a 10 watt light bulb (rather weak) or a 125 watt bulb (really bright)? Determine if the lamp will stand alone on the ground or a table or if it will be installed on the ground in ground with wires below ground.

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If the Patio Lights does not have a shadow or housing, you can create a clay, glass or metal object, such as brass. Use the cover or shade to direct the light only if you need it. Select a standard lamp, made for a 75 watt or less bulb that matches your patio interior. Purchase a 3-pin connector from a hardware store. Open the house. Cut the 2-pin plug away at the end of the lamp’s cord and discard. Insert the cord into the 3-pin connector housing. Separate the two cables in the lamp cord one inch or two.

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