Installing Gazebo Curtains

Oct 7th

Gazebo Curtains – Make no sewing outdoor curtains 16-30 gauges, thicker vinyl for a quick outdoor curtain option. Thicker vinyl can be purchased in colors, graphics or completely translucent of the bolt on fabric stores and usually in wider fabrics than woven fabrics.


Measure the length of the window or door as you make the Gazebo Curtains. Measure the width of the window or door and multiply this measurement of two for the modified width. Cut two pieces of vinyl to length and modified measurements width from step 1. Each piece of vinyl is for a single panel. A window traditionally contains two curtain panels, one on each side, for easy opening and closing. Choose your style. Most patio gazebo is octagonal, rectangular or oval. Perhaps you want a double roof and a full set of screens with a door instead of the traditional openings.

Measure 2 inches from the upper edge and 2 inches from the outside upper left edge of vinyl. Make a selection with a marker. Punch a hole through vinyl with a punch of ink mark. Measure to the right, 3 inches from the first hole. Continue to punch a hole every 3 inches until you reach the right edge. Repeat for the second Gazebo Curtains panel. Measure the width of the window or door and multiply this measurement by three for the modified width. This extra fabric is the necessary width supplement.

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