Illuminate Wrap Around Porch Area

Oct 6th

Wrap Around Porch – The general layout for terraced landscaping near porch steps involves a series of stepped terraces that are roughly parallel to the corner of the stairs. For example, if you have eight steps from your sidewalk to the porch, you can use three terraces. Each of which is two-step tall, with the surface of the highest deck just a step away from the edge of the lanai.

Side area terraces can wrap around your building or get down as they approach the corners of your home. Melt into the flower space at ground level. A wrap around porch light needs a tight seal between its base and vinyl siding of a house. Its custom-cut mounting base is snug against the vinyl siding slats and products. A flat, solid surface for light to mount to. A porch light connects, a 120-volt outdoor lighting circuit powered switch. Often, he will use a ground fault circuit interrupter, or GFCI, breaker.

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Many wrap around porch lights use low-energy light bulbs and save electricity with motion detectors and timers. Turn the breaker off the porch light. Place a block of mounting foam designed for outdoor lighting applications against the vinyl siding next to the electrical box of the porch light. Trace the shape of the vinyl siding on the edge of the mounting block with a pencil. Shape the vinyl side of the mounting block with a drywall saw, using the outline pencil mark as a guide.

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