Ideas for Seal Brick Patio Pavers

Oct 4th

Brick patio pavers add some elegance on a lawn. Instead of gray concrete, the brick adds color to the decoration of the backyard. Sealing brick pavers allows the stone to withstand cold and hot temperatures along with it protect it from dirt or water absorption. The sealer also offers a glossy base finish, improving the brick.

Ideas for seal brick patio pavers, sweep the cobbles of the brick patio with a broom, removing excess dirt and dust. Spray the brick pavers with water from a garden hose. Mix 2 tablespoons. mild detergent in a bucket of warm water. Pour the cleaning solution over the brick pavers. Sweep the broom over the cobbles, clean the brick and loosen dirt and grime. Rinse the soap and dirt from the brick pavers with the garden hose. Let the brick dry completely.

Then for seal brick patio pavers, apply a brick sealer to a wide brush. From an interior corner of the patio, gently brush the sealant over the cobbles. Work from the inside corner of the patio to the outside to avoid blocking in itself. Allow the sealer to dry for 2 hours. Inspect the brick pavers. Repeat the sealing process, if you want a brighter appearance to the brick.

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