How to Sew Gazebo Covers

Oct 7th

Gazebo Covers provide shade and protection from the rain for them inside. But still exposure to weather and wind causes the gazebo cover to fade and rot.


Measure the perimeter of the lower area of ​​the Gazebo Covers which will be shaded by the lower edge of the new lid using a tape measure. Use a partner to help you wrap the tape measure around the structure. If the structure is quite large, you may need to measure one section at a time, and then summarize the results. Register this as the perimeter of the gazebo. If the gazebo has a rectangular footprint, measure the width of two adjacent sides, and record the numbers as Page 1 and Page 2.

Measure the distance from the lowest point to be Gazebo Covers by the bottom of the gazebo cover up to the point where the ceiling angle begins. Register this as the lower flap measurement. Measure a part of the ceiling: Hold the end of the tape measure at a lower corner of the ceiling, and measure over, parallel to the gazebo foundation or the ground to the next lower corner of the ceiling. Register this as footer. If the gazebo has a square footprint, you do not need to measure another page. If it has a rectangular footprint, measure the next section as you did before, and record the measurement as footer 2.

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