How to Measure the Patio Sectional Sofa

Oct 6th

Patio Sectional – Sectional furniture provides more seating space per square foot than any other seating system. Sectional furniture is several separate pieces. Its place side by side or at a right angle and fastened to prevent them from moving. It is measured as individual pieces with a total measurement. Being dependent on the number, type, and size of pieces chosen. Measuring the furniture correctly is essential to ensure enough space in the room for the pieces and to ensure that you can get the furniture in the room. It is useful to have an assistant to hold the other end of the tape measure.

Always write down all measurements such as width per depth per height of the patio sectional. Measure the diagonal of each piece and record it as “Diagonal: 42 inches,” for example. Place the criterion on the sofa, resting one ends at the edge of the sofa, near the inside of the arm, the other end at the front edge of the back.

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Attach two measuring sticks with tape if one is not enough or use a 1-by-2-inch, 6-foot board. Measure the distance from the floor behind the back legs diagonally to the position in the criterion where the tape and criteria. Then, measure each part of the sofa of the patio sectional sofa. Measure across the back, from side to side and record this measure as the width.

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