How to Change Patio Cushions

Oct 4th

Patio Cushions – We usually discover that our patio pillows have seen better days during the spring months as we switch from indoor living to outdoor life. These patio pillows have sprinkled with many summers of heat and sunshine. If the frames for your patio furniture are still in good condition, you only need to replace your patio pillows.


Parts and Measurements

Use your old pillows as a pattern for your replacement pads. Cut the old covers on the patio pads along the seams to separate the lid parts. If you are fine with checked measurements, then reposition the old pillows and trace the outline of the fabric instead of disassembling the old cover. You can also measure the width and length of the old pillows from seam to seam with a tape measure. Add another 2 inches to these measurements for a 1-inch seam allowance on all four sides of pillow case. Put the lid parts into the new fabric and cut out the Patio Cushions pieces.

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Fit Patio Cushions

Match Patio Cushions sections to sew the seams straight to each other. Use straight pins to keep the patio pillow sections. Sew the pieces together. Sew bottom to top, or sew bottom to side piece and sew side to top, depending on the type of your patio pads. Sew stitches around an inch from the edge of the fabric. Cut out excess fabric in the corners, between the line and the edge of the fabric, but not too close the line. Extra fabric will go up in the corners if left on pillows.

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