Good Taste Patio String Lights

Oct 5th

Already published  first post today and to “start” continue publishing ratitos of good taste. Now I want to bring you some proposals to continue with  thread of  post of last week. That is, illuminating our house in  most original way. If a week ago I told you about lighting  house only with light bulbs and cables, now I recommend you to light your house with chains of lights. Yes, read well, patio string lights, same ones that are used on certain dates such as Christmas.

This time will be  first to use this layout to write a post, but is that since I found this image I saw that I had all  corners in which I would use patio string lights so I decided to accompany us throughout  post and  let us always keep in mind our left. This type of lights we usually use for Christmas and when y finish, we collect m and storage room and we are not aware of good lighting y can give to a house.

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As I have been saying,  patio string lights that can give us a play of lights of se characteristics can be as warm as we can find and also, as always, in  most original way. Its yellow light and lack of intensity make it perfect accompaniment light, an auxiliary light that, well chosen, can even make perfect romantic environments.

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