Gazebo Ideas with Tulle

Feb 7th

Gazebo Ideas can be a great luxury in a farm. These often simple designs can be very natural looking with colored and preserved wood, or they can be elegantly painted, usually a shade of white. These lawn ornaments also serve an entertainment function; if you have a big event on your property, the gazebo offers both shelter and a focal point around to host the event.

Decorate the Base of Gazebo

Wrap a long bolt of tulle around the base of the entire gazebo is a great way to start your Gazebo Ideas tire decor bet. Often, gazebos have a lattice-like base that provides a good surface area around which to wind the cloud-like material. Even if your gazebo does not have a very thick base, you can still wrap the wool around the base by weaving a long length of tulle through the pillars of the gazebo.

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Decorate Banister

It is often a long handrail or barbell that sweeps around the entire Gazebo Ideas, with the exception of the open space which is in fact the door of the gazebo. Wrap a long length of tulle over and under the shelf until the tulle of the gazebo looks like stripes on a candy cane. Attach each end of the tulle to the front support bar (on either side of the doorway) with a clear string or white ribbon, and allow some of the floor-like material to hang down, framing the opening.

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