French Patio Doors Aluminum

Oct 5th

French Patio Doors – With the introduction of Slide and Turn Patio Doors in 2010, there are now four basic options to choose from when upgrading your home. For centuries, the French Doors are a wider standard access door for access to private gardens, accommodating openings from about four feet to six feet wide. Originally built of wood with glass panels, they consist of a pair of hinged panels that meet in the middle of the opening. Now also available in a choice of PVC, aluminum or composite frames, French doors are still popular today, especially for smaller new homes.

French patio doors it became popular about fifty years ago. The main advantage is the additional width of the glass panel to look out and to allow natural sunlight to enter. Generally, there is no benefit of additional access when one panel is sliding behind another on a two-door system; three glass panels on three lines will provide greater access. Sometimes, the sliding glass will be install as a ‘pocket door’ that can glide inside the wall cavity.

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For decades, there have been many improvements, from single to double glazes and the quality of sliding gears. It is now possible to install sliding doors with glass panels up to six meters wide. Around the turn of the century, homeowners became interested in bi-fold doors, also known as folding sliding doors, concertina or accordion, to illustrate the zigzag crease. In particular, the folds of the patio comprise a set of double-lined doors with wood, metal, plastic or composite frames in which the hinges are mounted to facilitate folding action as a sliding panel along the top and bottom guide rails. That’s the article about French patio doors.

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