Everything You Want to Know About Patio Covers

Oct 4th

Patio covers – On the outside of your house it is always a solution to make a roof. To serve as an extension of the social area of ​​the house. When children grow up, the need for additional meeting spaces is important. Especially that outside the house you can even place a portable grill. Which fulfills the perfect function of that space for informal meals, meeting friends and family. Without disturbing or messing up the interior of the house.

We will go through solutions that will give you more ideas on how to make that additional roof. Which will serve as an expansion of your home without compromising the structure of it, nor its operation. Leaning on the exterior patio covers of the house, without compromising it. It is this roof made entirely of wood, beams, straps and cover shade with this noble material, on the outside of the house, making under it an additional space to the living room.

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A metal structure painted in black, is the one that supports between its elements a light and translucent material, this modern patio covers, with design based on geometric figures, has been used to cover one side of the house, with an independent structure completely from the structure of the house. A modern lightweight roof, which takes care of the extremes of climate, but allows the necessary clarity for the internal functioning of the space.

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