Enjoy the Patio Bar at Night

Oct 4th

If you want to make this place your masterpiece, then here are some tips that you should follow. You should start by choosing a characteristic color, because as we know all the rooms have a predominant color, so that the patio bar should not be an exception. Next, you should probably think about the floor covering. You can also select some water source and create a harmony with the choice of pots of similar shapes. Finally, choose some plants that best suit the environment, of course, and add a little color and drama to your patio.

The architects created this wonderful design without walls up the hill, inviting Singapore’s rare breeze and breathtaking scenery. A garden in the center of this covered patio bar area transforms the concept of outdoor area to a next level. A tree reaches the circular cut in the roof, where plants hang from the roof garden and the pool runs along one side of the house reflecting all its calm in the green water.

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The lighting can not miss in your design to enjoy the patio bar at night. To do it the most convenient is to select a group of trees, shrubs and other elements to achieve it. Each of them will be able to add different accents to the space. We are going to give you some details so that you better or include the right lighting in your design.

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