Design of Front Porch

Feb 1st

Front Porch – Properly designed, a closed space makes ideal outdoor living space. It is important to design the porch to be easily accessible from living areas. Well-designed doors, such as French doors or sliding doors, often work well to make a living room and porch flow almost seamlessly. A porch is a great place to relax or enjoy, plus enjoy the outdoors views. A closed porch on a house located in a busy neighborhood can also provide a nice connection to the city’s surroundings.


Get Front Porch design books and nightlife magazines to review good porch features. Examine porches enclosed with glass, louvered material or sideways. Go online to watch special verandas that have been built as a family gathering place. Make notes of ideas that are appealing. Review building constructions, materials, windows and doors used and other amenities. Measure actual porch space to figure out how much space the design will contain.

Allow a square of squared paper to represent four inches of real space. Design a Front Porch that will encompass overhangs and arched areas that match the architectural design of the house. Create porch front door to look good from home sidewalk. Determine where the exit door to the sidewalk area will go before sketching windows or facade cladding for the porch enclosure. Calculate the traffic flow into the house to make sure the porch furniture will be placed appropriately. Add amenities drawings of the veranda that will include a skylight or storage shelves, for example.

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