Decorate a Front Porch Swing

Mar 16th

Porch Swing are available in a variety of styles and sizes, from small swings, perfect for sitting for larger swings that can be swinging chaise lounges. When you want to make a swinging seat or the bed more comfortable with a pillow. Keep the mattresses on the porch swings by attaching them properly. With a simple modification, a mattress will stop just where you want it on a swing.


Choose a dark chain for a rich-tipped swing design. Many Porch Swing have stainless steel or white backing chains, but for a more rustic design, choose a wrought iron style. Select patterned seat cushion. Weatherproof seat cushion is a valuable addition to a porch swing. These decorative accessories add color and texture to the traditional porch decor. A bold, striped pattern, in rich color shades like red or brown, can be a focal point on the porch area.

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Put single-colored pillows on the Porch Swing, a blanket and a floor mat. Over an arm of swing, throw a soft throw blanket in a color that is also found in stripes or patterns on the seat cushions. Put a pair of friendly pillows in a coordinating pattern. For example, a striped seat cushion with floral print cushions can work well. Place under the swing a mat that matches the color of the throw blanket. For the safest connection with the strap, insert the needle about 1 inch under a corner and push the needle back out again about 1 inch beyond the corner to include the stitch in the fabric. The stitch will contribute to the fabric.

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