Changing Patio Chair Cushions Fabric

Oct 4th

Patio Chair Cushions – It is possible to replace the fabric on a patio pillow to light your patio and extend its life. Sew a new patio pillow case is a cheap project and for the most part you can reuse the foam interior and padding. The project requires basic sewing skills and supplies found at most craft shops. Choose an outdoor-quality fabric. You can treat regular fabrics for water and sun resistance, but the material probably will not last for more than a couple of years.


Remove the fabric from the Patio Chair Cushions by wiping the seams open with scissors or a spatula. Avoid destroying the fabric so that you can use it to make a pattern for the new lid. Clip opens the remaining seams and lay out each piece of fabric on a piece of paper. Trace around the pieces with a pen to create a paper pattern. Put half-inch seam around each piece if you cut off the seams while removing the cover.

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Pin the paper pattern parts to new fabric of your choice. Cut out each pattern piece of fabric scissors. Pin covers pieces straight to the right, after the layout of the original cover. Sew the Patio Chair Cushions pieces together, using a half-inch seam. Leave a side seam open. Insert the foam pad through the open seam. Fold the material under 1/2 inches from each side of the opening, and pin or iron them. Pin the folded edges of the opening together, and sew it closed with a running seam.

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