Building Patio Swing

Oct 4th

Patio Swing – Sitting on an outdoor swing hung from a rugged tree branch is one of life’s most exhausting pleasures, best enjoyed on a lukewarm evening. You’ll enjoy your swing even more if you craft it yourself. Not only will you save money to spend on other outdoor fun, but you’ll feel proud of having designed the swing from re-purposed material.


Wipe the chair and make sure to clean all exterior surfaces. Saw or screw off the chair’s legs. Patio Swing with gently grind all exposed wood. Apply multiple light layers of spray paint or exterior spray, with multiple passes and allow for a short drying time between the bearings. Allow the paint or bite completely before moving on. Apply a layer of polyurethane to all wood surfaces. Allow to dry and then apply a second layer. Experiment with holding your chair in different ways to determine where to put your rope holes. Drill two more holes in the upper back of the chair, with both holes about a quarter of a foot from the center of the chair’s top.

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Drill two holes, one on the back left on the chair and one on the back to the right; these two holes should be a diagonal from the best holes you drilled. Drill the arms on the chair, close to the middle of the arms, or the base of the chair: Choose what the place looks like the best thing to balance the chair when hanged.  Hang your finished DIY Patio Swing from a sturdy branch that is eight inches in diameter or thicker. Set your ladder below the branch and climb to the height of the branch.

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