Building Metal Outdoor Gazebo

Oct 7th

Outdoor Gazebo can enhance your landscape architecture design while potentially raising the value of your home. When you think of a gazebo, your first decision will be to choose whether to use metal or wood. Wood is easy to work with, but requires significant maintenance with limited durability. Today, the metal is the material of choice for its superior strength and resistance to extreme weather conditions.


Select a place for Outdoor Gazebo within the limits of your home. Measuring square meters of your gazebo with regard to accessibility while taking precautions do not overpopulate your back yard. Create a design for your gazebo by making a rough sketch of how you want the finished construction to look like. If you do not have a design in mind, you can find online sites that offer plans for free. You can also visit your local library for a selection of drawings.

Dig out vertical support foundation. Outdoor Gazebo uses a Stolhole digger to dig foundation to a depth of 18 inches. Position the vertical posts in the foundation, keeping them all the same in height. Fill each foot with pre-mixed concrete and adjust positioning as needed using one level. Make sure each post is properly aligned vertically before allowing the cement to harden. Measure and cut cross-section rules and headings using an arc file. This will be determined by your design. Weld these to vertical posts at each attachment point, check for signs of weakness. You may also want to add a unique design to the top of your gazebo at this stage.

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