ink&coda is an online journal of prose and music. We publish our winter issue on January 15 and our summer issue on July 15. Both emerging and established writers and musicians are encouraged to submit.

We only publish works that have realized their potential. All work should be of professional quality and in a format suitable for publication. Read about our aesthetic below and visit our submissions page for more details.


ink&coda publishes fiction and creative nonfiction. We seek experimental and surprising prose that distorts reflections of an everyday world and people by flipping the common to reveal the weird lying beneath. We appreciate a range of voices and especially enjoy well-crafted works that do not shy away from risky explorations, whether the mirror is turned outward or inward.


ink&coda publishes original instrumental music. We seek classical, electronic, experimental, and jazz that suggests rather than dictates mood, avoids cultural baggage, and plays with timbre, tone, and texture. Although we are primarily interested in instrumental music, we consider works that incorporate voice provided that it is used to complement the music rather than serve as the focus. Please note that we do not accept MIDI compositions.

Introducing 4.1!

Because ink&coda was founded on the idea of a union between prose and music, we ask, as you explore our latest issue, that if you had intended to read, you also listen, and if you had intended to listen, that you also read.


Jennifer Ann Messier

Prose Editors
Jennifer Clements
Rebecca McGill

Music Editors
Nick Gianopoulos
Lucas Messier


editors AT inkandcoda.com

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